What’s The Difference Between Porcelain and Composite Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are made outside of the mouth by a dental laboratory whereas the dentist makes composite veneers directly inside the mouth. The quality and the aesthetic result of porcelain veneers depends on how they are made. They can either be handmade by a dental ceramist which gives the most natural-looking outcome, or they can be manufactured in bulk by a machine which gives a bulky and unnatural appearance.  

Composite veneers are made of the same material that dental fillings are made, which is a type of plastic. The quality of composite veneers and aesthetic result highly depends on the dentist doing the veneers.

Composite veneers last on average 3-5 years and they tend to stain overtime. Whereas porcelain veneers don’t stain and they last about 15 years.

The number of teeth that can be veneered is different for composite and porcelain veneers. We generally prefer to limit composite veneers to the front 4 teeth due to the limitations of the material. We recommend porcelain veneers when more than 4 teeth are to be veneered. The number of teeth to be veneered depends on how light you want to go and your budget for your smile makeover.  

The process for composite and porcelain veneers is also different. Composite is placed on each tooth to improve the colour and shape. Local anaesthetic is usually not needed and the whole process takes 3 hours for 4 composite veneers.

The processes of porcelain veneers involves 5 visits in the span of 5 weeks, with 2 of those appointments requiring local anaesthetic.

With composite veneers you can’t preview what the final result will look like, whereas with porcelain veneers you can, during the Trial Smile period. The Trial Smile period is the period where you have temporary veneers on your teeth while the porcelain veneers get made.

The care for both composite and porcelain veneers are similar. Wearing an aftercare guard is the most important, followed by being cautious about eating sticky or hard foods. Lastly, it’s important to practice good oral hygiene and see the dentist at least twice a year for a hygiene visit.

People getting dental veneers do so because they want to improve the way their smile looks. They want to improve the shape, alignment and colour.

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