Tips to Buying an Electric Toothbrush

Brushing our teeth is one of the biggest key factors when it comes to our oral hygiene. However our eating has the greatest affect on our teeth than our brushing. If we were to live off a diet of only raw vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds, we’d never need to brush our teeth. We’d never get cavities. But we all love our processed carbs and sugars way too much to give it all up! And I am not saying we should, either! It just means the need for excellent oral hygiene is even more important than ever before. I won’t go into the debate of electric versus manual in this blog, but spoiler alert: electric is better. So let’s have a look at what we should consider when buying one of these bad boys.  


When it comes to choosing the right electric toothbrush, it’s all about the head. Firstly, the design of the head is important. We may see the shape of the head being oval and elongated. We may see a particular head being advertised as ‘Crossaction’, another one as ‘Flossaction’, ‘Sensitive Clean’ or ‘3D White’. All of that doesn’t matter. It’s all a marketing ploy. Stick to a simple, round shape that is made up of only bristles.


Next you want to consider the way the head the moves. Rotationally oscillating brush heads are proven to clean better than other types of heads. The rotating, or oscillating, action allows for a more efficient clean compared to a vibrating, side-to-side motion.


The speed of the head is probably one of the most important factors of an electric toothbrush, other than the way it moves. Ever wondered what the difference was between the $20 electric toothbrush that you can get from Coles versus the $100 toothbrush from Shaver Shop that seems to look like the exact same product, even the same brand? The difference is the speed. We want the head to spin as fast as possible. The faster the head spins, the better it cleans. However this also means the more expensive the toothbrush will be.


When looking at the different brands that are out there, I trust Braun because the Germans seem to know what they are doing when it comes to their electrics. I’ve had my Braun toothbrush coming onto 6 years and she’s still going strong. However there are some other up-and-coming great brands out there too. It’s best to speak to your dentist.


How much would we expect to spend for this gadget? I recommend investing at least $100 but no more than $200. It’s a balance between spending on things that are designed to maximize our oral hygiene and avoiding overpaying on marketing gimmicks such as Bluetooth connectivity which we will never use.


The take-away messages is to get an electric toothbrush that is:
– Simple and round
– Rotating rather than vibrating
– Spinning as fast as possible

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