The right way to apply eye cream

Cream, meet the Orbital Bone. 

The key is to apply any eye cream or serum on the orbital bone, which is the bone that runs under and around the eye socket. This is because the heat from our hot little body will make the eye cream migrate towards our eye anyway.  So whenever we apply our eye product, we should avoid the skin that is directly nearest to our eye and aim for the boney bit instead. Otherwise, if we apply eye serum or cream right under and around our eye, it won’t take long for it to end up in our eye. 

ALWAYS apply eye product gently. Do this by gently tapping eye product on and never rubbing or pulling. The skin near our eye barely has any (if any) oil glands, so when the skin gets stretched it doesn’t bounce back like the rest of the skin on our face can. Once the skin stretches, it remains stretched and that’s how wrinkles can form. So we should gently and lovingly tap the eye products with our rude finger around the orbital bone.

Our Favourite cream for the eye isn’t a specific eye cream but a beautiful and thick face cream that is great to extend towards the eye area:

Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2: 4: 2

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