Questions To Ask Yourself and Your Dentist Before Getting Veneers

If you’re going to the dentist for a cosmetic consultation, we recommend you ask the dentist the following questions:

  • What is your cosmetic aesthetic or cosmetic style? Ask yourself whether you want your new smile to look natural or whether you want to go more Hollywood (which to some people looks a bit fake). This gives you an idea of what type of work you can expect from this dentist.
  • Ask to see their previous work if you haven’t seen it already. Do you like their work?
  • Ask for a price breakdown for each dental appointment and whether a dental savings plan is something you might be after (and whether they offer a dental payment plan). If you’re choosing to go on a dental payment plan, how much do you have saved up and how much of that would you need to borrow?
  • Does the dentist offer a Trial Smile period so that you can test drive your new smile before you get the permanent smile? This is important because it allows to see and feel how your new smile will look before the permanent porcelain veneers are placed in the mouth.
  • Can the dentist tailor a smile design specifically for your smile in your first consultation appointment so that you can see what your proposed new smile will look like?
  • How many teeth would you like to get veneered? How many teeth does the cosmetic dentist recommend to get veneered?
  • Do you want a whiter smile or are you happy with the colour of your teeth?
  • What aftercare is required once the cosmetic dental treatment is complete?
  • How long are the dental veneers/ porcelain veneers/ composite veneers expected to last until they need some sort of repair or replacement?
  • How often do you need to come back for a dental check up and clean?

Most importantly, be upfront about any hesitations, concerns, fears and expectations about your cosmetic dental treatment.

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