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We are up-front with our pricing because we believe in transparency.

We have created a Services Menu of our most popular treatments, which includes our signature Smile Makeover Packages.

We also provide you with the option to pre-pay for some of the services, saving you 15% off the cost of your treatment.

Why Do Our Services Cost
What They Do

We have positioned our pricing to be in the middle range. We aren’t the cheapest because that would mean compromising on the quality. We aren’t the most expensive because that would mean paying for a brand. We fall somewhere in the middle.

We Provide The Best Value For Money

Payment Plans

Cost Per Week

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In order to apply, you must be:

  • Over 18 years old
  • An Australian citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Make $25,000 or more per year and be employed or self employed
  • Have a current Drivers Licence, Passport or Medicare Card

It’s so easy!

You can get a dental with payment plans/ dental savings plan from $2,000 to $50,000 for a period of up to 84 months.

You fill out a form online or we can help fill it out with you.

Once you get approved you can either sign electronically or in person. Funds are paid into your nominated account!

Absolutely yes you can do get both your cosmetic dental treatment and skin care financed.

The funds can be used to cover all dental costs. You get paid directly and the whole process is fast and straight forward.

  • a copy your driver’s license or proof of age
  • Medicare card
  • a recent payslip
  • 90 days of bank statements
  • any loan statements

The funds can be used to cover all medical, dental, lifestyle and wedding costs. We pay you directly and update the business, or help you find one.

We have done the research for you and we know which funds have the lowest interest rates and best value for money.

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