Every Single Question I Asked Before Getting Veneers to Improve My Chipped Teeth

By Amy Clark for Adore Beauty As a reformed pen-chewer and nail biter of more than 20 years, I’ve spent a lot of time and money at the dentist. My teeth woes actually started when I face-planted and broke my two front teeth in half playing basketball in primary school, but I reckon I’ve had my fillings done […]

Tools of the trade: Dentapen

By Dr Rita Trak, Dental & Skin Clinic No-one likes pain and no-one likes getting an injection, myself included. I was looking for a way I could numb my clients for their dental and skin treatments but without the pain of the needle. I wanted a product I would use on myself as a client. […]

The wellness industry is coming for your teeth

By Sophie Aubrey for The Age ‘she’s all about making oral hygiene “sexy” rather than just a medical need’ Sophie writes about Dr Rita Trak’s dental philosophy For most of us, tooth-brushing is like washing the dishes: it’s just one of our daily chores. Now, the humdrum activity is being reframed as an act of self-care, […]

Do I Need Straight Teeth Before I Get Veneers?

IF YOUR SMILE IS MILDLY CROOKED OR GAPPY PLUS YOU DON’T LIKE THE SHAPE, COLOUR, SIZE AND LENGTH You can get porcelain veneers if your teeth are slightly misaligned, chipped, gappy. Veneers allow you to quickly and effectively correct the position of your teeth. Because of this, veneers are sometimes referred to as “instant orthodontics.”For example, teeth that […]

A Guide To Your Child’s Teeth For The First 5 Years

Tips for looking after baby teeth and developing good oral hygiene habits include: From birth – Focus on the other 10000 things you need to do and don’t think about their teeth. First baby tooth – Don’t stress when the first tooth comes. She will come when she is ready. Too many parents worry about the WHEN. […]

How to Look After Your Skin by Age

IN YOUR 20s Use a non-foaming and non-exfoliating cleanser AM and PM (either double cleanse at night, or use a makeup remover before your cleanser if you need to) Use antioxidants each morning to protect the skin Use an antioxidant-rich serum and/or moisturizer each night Use an AHA-based exfoliant 2-3 times per week If needed, […]

Ways to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth at Home

What to look for when choosing a natural whitening ingredient? Teeth darken for many reasons, but the 2 most common causes are loss of enamel and diet. Loss of enamel occurs due to ageing and wear and tear of teeth. How fast or slow we lose enamel depends on our day-today activities. Since the loss […]

Tips to Buying an Electric Toothbrush

Brushing our teeth is one of the biggest key factors when it comes to our oral hygiene. However our eating has the greatest affect on our teeth than our brushing. If we were to live off a diet of only raw vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds, we’d never need to brush our teeth. We’d never […]