The best type of
work is invisible.


I created the Dental and Skin experience because this is an experience I wanted for myself.
How many of us have had a bad dental experience?
How many of us have had skin issues?
I know I did.

How many of us still struggle with going to the dentist? How many of us still struggle with our skin?

How our smile and our skin look plays a role on our confidence. When we look good, we feel good and we make others around us feel good. This has always been my philosophy about beauty. The desire to look is not out of vanity; it’s out of self love. It takes courage to be able to make a conscientious decision to do something good for ourselves. But damn it’s empowering. What it’s not? It’s not vain and it’s not selfish.


Dr Rita Trak is Australia’s leading facial cosmetic dentist and a global leader in cosmetic dental enhancement techniques. She is the founder and medical director of Dental and Skin Clinic.

Dr Rita’s talent for creating beautiful, bespoke veneers is celebrated around the world – she has travelled to the USA, Germany and Israel to share her expertise as an aesthetic trainer and instructor. Her treatment philosophy is to start from the face and work inwards towards the smile to create a subtle, natural and balanced outcome that creates confidence.
Dr Rita’s work has driven a counterculture in aesthetic dentistry. She believes that there is a strong overlap between smile and facial aesthetics, and uses this philosophy to capture, protect and amplify the face’s natural beauty through her smile makeovers.

Dr Rita is a contributor to the dental industry’s most widely-circulated publication, the Australasian Dentist Magazine, and a key opinion leader for renowned global dental and beauty companies Kavo-Kerr,
Sirona-Dentsply and Ultradent. She holds a PhD and Masters in Dentistry from La Trobe University, and is certified by the Australian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics.


Dental & Skin Clinic is founded on a remarkable platform – one of harmony, grace, symmetry and honour.

We want to honour your character and empower you to build your own look.

Our aim is to capture the best of your natural beauty and bring out your greatest potential.


A smile is an investment in yourself. It’s a form of self care, self preservation, self love and self compassion. It’s about giving yourself permission to look after yourself.

A smile is an energy force. It’s an emotion, a mood and life- force. It’s laughter, joy and fun.

A smile is kindness. It’s empathy and compassion. When you feel good and smile, you make others around you feel good.

A smile is a connection. It’s relationships, bonding and a universal language of love.

A smile is personal. It’s self-expressive and forms your identity. It tells a story and it’s unique. No two smiles are the same.

A smile is courageous. It’s empowering, powerful and its strength can never be underestimated.

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